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Trade What You See, Not What You Think

by Allen Bright


A lot of traders know with the phrase “trade what you see not what you believe”, it’s of specific relevance to technical chart traders that wait on market view as well as the reaction to news occasions to eventually ‘hemorrhage’ onto charts. Nonetheless, like numerous throwaway one-liners, (that ultimately and easily become connected to trading), it deserves closer examination to comprehend exactly how this phrase and also subliminal instruction can affect our decision-making as well as earnings.

 Periodically, after major news events have moved the market, take a look at your charts and also ask on your own, “if I ‘d remained in a locked space completely separated from any kind of news, deprived of any kind of intel, whether or not the decisions I’ve made would certainly have been any different?”

 Whether you’re a scalper, intraday trader, or pattern trader the news is very vital to your trading plan. However, news trading can be extremely hard to use without access to state-of-the-art tools as well as large experience of market direct exposure. Let’s not forget a genuine treasure of an expression regarding news trading, “don’t trade the news, trade the reaction to the news”, a response that will at some point display on your charts.

So what should you ‘see’ to trade as well as what should you reject as ‘right here state’?

 The day-to-day quantity of viewpoint offered up for argument, on any kind of given financial subject, is surprising. The range of comments offered, by completely persuading as well as convicted market analysts, is breath-taking. Specifically in the location of ‘pussyfoot’ commentary where commentators with overall sentences will certainly offer you their either-or situations as fact; “it might rain today, yet checking out the long term projection it can get sunnier” could adequately summarize the contribution of many.

 By the time you have digested; Bloomberg News, Reuters, probably the FEET, and also your preferred newspaper, (online or in print), together with the radio as well as or TV news you’ll have been pestered with thousands of words forming opinions as to what the markets will certainly (or might) do today, tomorrow, this week. As well as the resulting consolidated viewpoint of the event of; sages, financial experts, analysts, famed investors, political leaders typically leave us to punch intoxicated with viewpoint. If you were to dispose of all that point of view right into a blender you would certainly discover the end product as stagnant, bitter, barely nourishing and as out of date as the preference of an overripe banana milkshake or smoothie, made to clear yourself of the old prowling bananas before they ‘go off’.

 So just how do you marry basic news with chart trading as well as can you integrate both, if so exactly how? Well, the short answer is true; you need to know market information as well as how that will certainly convert into market sentiment. Traders simply need to know news events and just how they’re most likely to move the market.

 Among the regular (and free) feeds each trader should have accessibility to be a daily financial calendar, use it. It’s important to have an interest and intellectual inquisitiveness in your market beyond the basic auto mechanics of charting. You require knowing why and also just how the price responds the means it does. Whilst price might react to the levels on charts, those levels are dictated by and developed as a result of the translation of the fundamental economic information provided by govt, organizations, as well as states. As traders it’s important that you overlook viewpoint as well as only focus on the facts, disregarding the hindsight translation of those realities which can lead to uncertainly as well as indecision. Explaining the jagged bump in the roadway or hazard that creates our flat tire is pointless.

 There are 2 collections of realities we can have outright self-confidence in. Firstly, even if you doubt the technique employed in collecting particular information, for instance how the BLS collect their USA task data, you can have an outright sentence that the marketplace will not initially mini analyze the fresh numbers, the market will certainly respond to the tough data on publication. Secondly, the other hard information we can have absolute self-confidence in is the mathematical purity of charts and also how charts equate the information.

 There is a noticeable factor lots of skilled traders, even if validated chartists, will certainly pay up to EUR2000 for a Bloomberg terminal and also numerous hundred for a squawk every month, they spend for it because it ‘works’ for them and also help profitability. Experience has confirmed that undoubtedly fundamental macro occasions move the market, not what levels an indicator reaches on a chart. The chart provides a visual depiction of view as well as presents that visual representation based on the past efficiency of for how long present sentiment may continue.  Constantly trade what you see but never stop believing or listening, but listen to the viewpoint and also discourse without basing trading choices on it. Base your decisions on one viewpoint, your own gotten to through a mix of experience of macro news events and information as well as how that data equates onto your charts. Just how you analyze graphic representation is a different ability, a skill that can only be put to use whilst being tuned right into and familiar with the larger image.

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